Project two

‘Munro’s Farm’-house

This new building takes full advantage of a high, sunny and commanding site in spectacular countryside near Flowerdale.

It is designed to achieve a timeless quality, and to be as close as possible to self-sufficiency in energy use.

First of all it is a farmhouse, using traditional materials of weathered timber, recycled stone and corrugated iron, and easily recognisable roof shapes. However the design approach, the details and colours are contemporary.

Two pavilions are linked, anchored by a stone tower. The main bedroom hovers over a precipitous hillside, the living areas open out to the north and south. Terraces of almost urban scale provide sheltered platforms from which to enjoy the sweeping views. Carefully positioned windows also bring the landscape indoors.

The energy systems are intrinsic to the design and orientation of the house. They range from a wind generator and rainwater tanks, photovoltaic and solar hot water panels, to specially designed glazing and a living room floor that acts as a heat sink. There is no connection to the electricity grid and the house copes easily with extreme conditions of sun, wind and rain.

Images by John Gollings.